Free Video Lesson:
How To "Color" Your Sound
In the next 5 minutes I am going to share with you the BIG SECRET behind how to spice up any song with chords you already know. This video will show you the absolute easiest way to master the art of playing new sounds on your guitar to up-level your chord progressions, songwriting, improv, and soloing. And if you REALLY want to up level your fingerpicking, the Learning The Colors Of Jazz DVD Master Set, which covers 3 discs, and over 4+ hours of content is guaranteed to teach you "color" to hundreds of your favorite songs, by simply changing a few notes even if jazz seemed intimidating or not interesting before. 

Here's what you will learn in the Colors Of Jazz DVD Master Set:
  • Fast-Forward Your Skill and Songwriting (In Just 10 Minutes a Day)
  • Begin The Lessons From Your Current Level (Don't Start Over Your Head)
  • Learn New Chord Progressions (intro to ii-Vi-I the standard for jazz and pop music)
  • Transform The Sound Of Any Song By Changing A Few Notes
  •  Up-Level Your Playing In Any Genre (ragtime, blues, rock!!)
  • And So Much More!
Learning The Colors Of Jazz DVD Master Set
This is one Master Set Of Chord Enhancing Material, 
taught by Me, Max Rich.

That's 3 Discs... 4+ Hours of content...
  • 6+ Chord Coloring Tools: Create New Sounds In Any Genre With Chords You Know
  • Essential Patterns & Variations: Pattern Recognition To Enhance Anything
  • New Chord Progressions: Introduction To Jazz & Pop 
  • Fast-Forward Your Skill and Songwriting: In Just 10 Minutes a Day
  • Solo Instrumentals: Short Solos & Melodic Patterns 
  • Popular Song Arrangements: Ragtime, Blues, & Percussion Breakdown
FREE Bonus DVD: Jazz Fusion  
  • 1 DVD, 2+ Hours Of Content-  Popular Arrangements of 2 popular songs designed for you to be able to apply everything you are learning in Learning The Colors Of Jazz
  • Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level By Following This Applied Jazz Fusion Breakdown!
  • Over $47.00 Value, Included FREE!!
Learning The Colors Of Jazz DVD Set + Jazz Fusion DVD
5 Discs, 6+ Hours Content, And More!!